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This website is still under development, but when finished, Charit.ie website will connect the charities with the people.

Open 24 Hours

This website is open all day and all night, so whenever you feel little bit charitable, our website is ready for you.

For charities

If you work for a charity or are just a volunteer, we may be useful to you. Many charities have very basic and outdated websites. Talk to us, we can get your website analyzed and upgraded. Send us an email and we will see what we can do for you.

For general public

It does not matter if you have wounded animals or elderly people close to your heart. When the site is ready, You can support your favourite charities via our website. Send us an email and we will add you to our mailing list to keep you posted about the developments.

For IT professionals

Are you a programmer, designer, SEO specialist, etc? If you want to help developing this site, or help one of the many charities out there, let us know, we would be very interested of hearing from you!

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If you are a charity, click link below to send us email and become added to our charities mailing list.

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If you are a private person, click link below to send us email and become added to our personal mailing list.

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Opening Hours

The times we are usually available for chat, reading and replying to emails, incoming phone calls or doing callbacks.

Monday - Friday 16.00 - 23.59
Saturday 12.00 - 23.59
Sunday 12.00 - 23.59

About us

Many different subjects from the DBS curriculum are useful when developing this site.

This site does not have a specific launch date, or set date when everything is 100% ready and fully usable by the general public.

The domain Charit.ie was registered on 20th June 2019.

Not just a school project!

Altough started as a school project, Charit.ie aims to become serious website with lots of end users connected to most if not all registered charities.

Want to support the site development?

You can donate 10 cents or 100 euros easily via PayPal.

Just head to PayPal.me/ex6, pick a suitable amount and proceed.

Meet Our People!

The following people are NOT Charit.ie staff, just some random names and random stock photos. But as soon as we get more real people working on the site, this will be replace with real photos of real people!


Conor Murphy

Big boss


Aoife Kelly

Sales Wizard


Saoirse Byrne

IT goddess


Caoimhe Ryan

HR guru

See what the charities are saying?

Our previous website was made 10 years ago and really was outdated. Charit.ie guys gave it the facelift it needed!

MaryShave the whales

We are super happy to work with Charit.ie - lots of knowledgeable staff, always online. Recommended.

AlexGreen Peas

Even if your charity is non-mainstream, Charit.ie will work with you and help you with IT issues! Respect!

JaneGender Bender Defender

in the media

As this is new and developing website, there are no articles about yet (as far as we are aware of). If you spot some article somewhere, please let us know via email!

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B8IT115 course


083 38 91 XXX

NB! Work in progress, site still under construction!

This site is still under develpoment, so please do not be surprised if you see a non-functional button or if you land on a non-existing webpage.

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